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Why not let people support their favorite cause or charity by doing something they already do.

There are thousands of worthy causes and charities worldwide. Together, all these charities cover a wide range of issues and causes. Some examples are school fundraisers, poverty, wounded veterans, the environment, human rights, crime prevention and health problems. When people support a cause or charity they show their commitment to the problems that that charity or organization exists to combat or help.

People choose to support a charity for various reasons. Many people donate out of the goodness of their heart and the desire to help others in need. Others give to charity because they themselves need, or have needed, the support of a specific charity, or the charity has helped a family or friend. In addition to these reasons, you may also donate to claim tax deduction, improve your image as a charitable person or feel part of a community. And the list goes on and on.

Many charities rely entirely on the generosity of the general public and businesses to enable them to continue the essential work that they do. Whatever the reasons for offering support to a charity, this is what keeps them going. In current economic times it is not easy to run a charity, support a cause or conduct a fundraiser. We want to help organizations in need of funds by offering an extra opportunity to support their important work without having to ask people to reach into their pockets.

That is why we formed CauseTravel.com; so that by doing something your supporters are already doing, at the same guaranteed low price, funds can go directly to your cause or charity from every booking made through a CauseTravel.com website. By simply booking through your CauseTravel.com website your supporters can provided additional resources directly into your hands at no extra cost to them.

People tend to think there is nothing they can do to help solve world problems, but that is far from correct. They can now make a difference by simply booking travel through your CauseTravel.com website!

So why not have your supporters book their hotels, flights, rental cars or vacations through your CauseTravel.com website? We really can’t think of any reason not to.

Supplement your existing fund raising efforts with a CauseTravel.com website today.
There’s absolutely NO COST to your organization to get started today.

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